escalator over the hill

9 July 1977
abba, abc soaps, anarchism, anarchosyndicalism, angela carter, arthur darvill, au pairs, baking, beach boys, beat happening, bedhead, boy/girl revolutionaries, buffy, butch sluts, camera obscura, chantal goya, comics, craftiness, crochet, degrassi junior high, dinosaur jr., doctor who, dolly mixture, echo and the bunnymen, elfriede jelinek, fables, fandom, felting, feminism, film, firefly, galaxie 500, george r. r. martin, gibson sg, grant morrison, hair twiddles, handspinning, henry jenkins, huggy bear, iain m. banks, jacques lacan, jane austen, jean genet, jean vigo, jeff scher, john fahey, josef k, joseph cornell, joss whedon, julie doucet, karate (the band), kenneth anger, kleenex, knitting, let's active, magnetic fields, mahogany, marine girls, mary tamm, minutemen, music slash, northern picture library, omd, palaxy tracks, peep show, peter and the wolf, peter hammill, phil spector, philip k. dick, phoebe gloeckner, post punk kitchen, psychedelic furs, puwawa, pylon, quilting, r.e.m., radical feminism, radicalism, rain parade, ralph steiner, reader-response criticism, reception theory, roar! lion, romana 1, roranicus pondicus, rote kapelle, runaways, safe men, samuel delany, sarah records, scientist rock, scott pilgrim, scrabble, screenprinting, sebadoh, sewing, sex positive feminism, sex radicalism, sf, shulamith firestone, sigmund freud, situationism, slavoj zizek, slow food, spaced, stanislaw lem, swervedriver, takako minekawa, talk talk, talulah gosh, teenage fanclub, textual poaching, the 6ths, the bats, the bear quartet, the doom patrol, the everly brothers, the fat tulips, the field mice, the go team, the grit, the invisibles, the land of oz, the minutemen, the pastels, the receptionists, the sea urchins, the television personalities, the wedding present, the weird weeds, the whedonverse, the wire, the wives, tofu, tom baker, tracey thorn, transgender liberation, trembling blue stars, tubeway army, vegan baking, vegan cooking, vegetarian cooking, veronica lake, wire, zines